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Dilettante but aspiring to conquer them all.
I wish I was more artsy.
"There are two kinds of people in this world: those who dream about how their lives turn out and those who turn out to live their dreams."
"It’s the choices that you make which define who you are."
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2 Years

2 Years of blogging on tumblr. Man that is a long time. It went from personal to random stuff online then to stuff I personally liked with the occasional personal stuff. I stopped doing links like halfway through the year and as of now its just whatever. I liked being one of the first people to have a tumblr, way back before reblogs were even there. Now, tumblr is being used by everybody! Pretty cool. I have over 2000 posts and I only ended up following 19 people, half of which dont really post anymore. So after a good 2 years on this site I figure its about time to quit. I rearranged my room around, switching it up, and now I figure Id switch my blog up. I want to move onto an actual site and I have no idea how or when Im going to do it but I will do it. It might just be like a summer adventure site and I might get into filmography more. Yea yea I said that last year and it never happened. Might just be all talk again this year. I might just end up making a different tumblr. Naa fuck that. WHO KNOWS? But yea, I no longer want to use tumblr anymore. I guess Ill just leave everything the way it is and not delete anything for memory sake. Anyways, ayo late!

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